Centralized System Information

To improve efficiency and speed up designing process for your central feeding system, please complete the following questionair. 


Company:                                 Date:        Year        Month        Day

Address:                                                                                                .


1. Public Facilities information:

1.1,Voltage:          V        Phase       Hz (For example:380V/3P 50HZ)

1.2,Compressed air pressure:          MPa


2. Raw Material information:

2.1,Number of raw materials:            (Including different resins or the same material in different colors)

2.2,Raw material type:             ,              ,              ,             ,            

2.3,Injection machine model and quantity                

2.4,Raw material quantity for each injection molding machine? (Such as: the type of materials used for each machine,quantity; can be attached list Description)

Item Injection Model Quantity Material type Capacity (kg/h)




2.5,Industry for molding products:                (For example, optical, industrial, medical, food and other) 

2.6,Are there any recycled materials mixed with raw materials (Yes/No); If yes, the proportion of recycled materials          %.

     Particle size of the recycled materials:           mm; Transport mode for the raw and recycled materials (Concentrated mixed transport / single mixed transport)

2.7,Material feature: (Yes/No) poisonous;  (Yes/No) Causticity;  (Yes/No) abradability;  (Yes/No) ignitability;


3. Raw material processing before using:

 3.1,Raw material drying (Yes/No); Drying method:            (Single station drying / centralized drying); Raw material drying method            (Hot air drying / dehumidifying)

3.2,According to your raw materials drying process, raw material drying temperature:           ;Drying time:            hr (Pls list if more types)

3.3,Raw materials coloring treatment:(Yes/No); proportion of masterbatch     %; (Note: We recommended to use individual mixing machines instead of centralized blending process to achieve high color requirement, if the density of masterbatch is greater than the density of raw materials.)


4. Other information:

4.1,Plant structure:             (Steel/concrete structure)

4.2,Factory normal working hours:            hr/Day

4.3,Provide injection workshop equipments layout (including: plant the plane, elevation charts, injection molding machine placement and model, feeding area location,factory logistics direction, plant height, please indicate the lane height when car driving through. Please indicate the location and distance between the walls and pillars and explain whether the wall mounting bracket, please indicate the size of the plan in each position). Providing CAD drawings is recommanded.


5. Other special requirements:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Please filling out under required information carefully and accurately. Thank you for your support.



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